Azilal carpet, as their name proposes, start from the unpleasant and steep Azilal area, arranged in the far away and hard to show up at High Atlas mountains, in the south of the city of Beni Mellal, around 180 km North-East Marrakech.

Just performed by women of this region, Azilal Rugs are delivered utilizing virgin unrefined wool by trading made models out of one single tied line and two or three woven lines, according to a social custom that mothers are going down to young ladies for a very long time.

Azilal carpets are consistently associated with another name ” Ourika Rugs ” to truly imply all the Rugs that are conveyed to some degree further south by the High Atlas mountains factions: from Demnat North to Imlil south, covering thusly the entire tough zone of Ait Ourir, Ourika Valley and the Oukaimden park.

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